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Feedback for Goldilocks Paradox Unplugged: Behind the Sci-Fi (Part I)
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Goldilocks Paradox Unplugged: Behind the Sci-Fi (Part I)

Live Chat November 5th, 2019

Part 1 of a discussion between astronomers about the video Habitable Zone: Goldilocks Paradox. Watch the original sci-fi adventure here: The Habitable Zone: Goldilocks Paradox

How can an exoplanet be at the right temperature but still not have liquid water? If we want to find an exoplanet that could host life like us, why does it matter what that planet is made of? Find out more about the science behind the search for a habitable exoplanet in the episode The Habitable Zone: Goldilocks Paradox (featuring Cas Anvar, Cara Gee, and Parry Shen).

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