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Series: NASA's Astrophoto Challenges

NASA's Astrophoto Challenges 2022 - Understanding Eta Carinae and the Carina Nebula

Primary May 2nd, 2022

What happened to make the star Eta Carinae become the second brightest star in the sky in 1843? Why did it then dim over the next century and once again brighten? Join astronomers Rudy Montez, Joy Nichols, and Nathan Smith as they dive into the mysteries of this strange star and the incredible nebula that surrounds it. 

You can even make your own image of this region real astronomy data! Visit NASA’s Astrophoto Challenges to learn how:


This project is part of NASA’s Universe of Learning:


Eta Carinae AstroPix Gallery

Eta Car AstroPix

View an Eta Carinae gallery curated especially for NASA's Astrophoto Challenges.

Eta Carinae in ViewSpace

EtaCar VS Slider

Interactively explore the different looks of Eta Carinae across the spectrum of light.