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Feedback for Eagle Nebula – Introduction Video | NASA's Astrophoto Challenge | Winter 2023
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Eagle Nebula – Introduction Video | NASA's Astrophoto Challenge | Winter 2023

Primary November 28th, 2022

This video introduces NASA's Astrophoto Challenges for the winter of 2023, which feature image data of the Pillars of Creation and the surrounding Eagle Nebula.

Learn how to make your very own astronomical image at:

This project is part of NASA’s Universe of Learning:

Eagle Nebula AstroPix Gallery

AstroPix Eagle nebula

View the full collection of Eagle Nebula images on AstroPix.

Data Sonification

Thumbnail of video that plays sonification of the Eagle Nebula

Listen to Eagle Nebula data from NASA telescopes interpreted as musical sounds.

3D Printable Nebulas

Link to 3D Printable Pillars

Do you have access to a 3D printer? If so you can make a touchable version of the Pillars of Creation and other astronomical objects.


Viewspace Experiences

Link to Viewspace Eagle Nebula Interactive

Interactively explore the changing face of the Eagle Nebula and it's Pillars of Creation across the spectrum of light.

Link to Viewspace "In a Different Light" video

Video: The Eagle Nebula in a Different Light

Link to Viewspace "Pillars of Creation" video

Video: New View of the "Pillars of Creation"